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Logging on to the Outlook Web App

To log on to the Outlook Web App, please use the following link:


You will see the login panel on the right side. Please use your current E-Mail adress to login.


Changing your E-Mail account password

It is imperative that you change your password!


Please use the symbol to access the options. Please choose „Change password“.


1.  Enter your current password which you received from us
2. Enter a new password
3. Enter the new password again
4. Click „Save“.

Some hints for choosing a secure password:
– the password should consist of at least 8 characters
– the password cannot contain parts of your user name
– the password cannot be the same you used before
– the password should contain the following characters:

– capitals
– small letters
– numbers
– special characters

When you are done changing your password, it is mandatory that you close down all open browser windows you might have. You should reopen your browser then to finalize the password change. You can now log on to Outlook  Web App using your new password.